WARNING: If you didn't read until the last comic, this guide is full of SPOILERS.

Creatures (in alphabetic order).


Pacific flying creatures with nocturnal habits and low inteligence.
Half bird, half potatoe, half whale, some people tell that they have three halves.
They raise their heavy bodies, full of lead and other metals, using their powerful wings, which can mislead you at first look and seem weak and puny wings.
Birdotatoes can't land on ground, because their own weight would squash them, so they're always flying, even when they're sleeping.


Boothieves are incapable of resist the smell that some kinds of shoes give off, so they'll always try to steal them at first chance, and, to top it all, they'll mock at the face of their barefoot victims. They're fast, but not very stealthy in their lootings.
There are four known boothief 's subspecies: Boothief of the forest, boothief of the snow, boothief of the desert, and boothief of the bald crown of the head (this last one is rare).

Chatty Tree.

Tree-like beings with the faculty of speaking.
As they can't move from the place where are planted, they get bored a lot, so they're always waiting eagerly the arrive of somebody to have a conversation with.
An urban legend states their chat can make explode the head of who hears it.


Shakes the tail and says "woof, woof"...
Have you never seen a dog?


Description soon. :P


Like humans, but smaller and more bearded.
They usually life in mountain zones and they like to work in the construction of things, wether forging weapons, sculpting statues, erecting buildings, assembling golems or fitting a puzzle together.
Despite being small, they're usually very strong, what makes them dangerous warriors.
Besides, they loves to eat, principally because they would die if don't eat.


Description soon. :P

400.000-headed hydra.

Guardian monster of the Bat's Axe, inhabitant of the Cave of the Dark Calamity and critter that only can be defeated after cutting all its heads.
Due to having that much heads, at least one of the heads is always suffering a headache, so the mere existence for this being is an eternal pain.
A strange event hapenned: one of the heads fell in love with other one, but this one, at the same time, loved another else head, causing the only love triangle between a single living being ever known.
Another of its heads was leg-crippled.


Description soon. :P

Gnomish Pony.

Very small kind of pony, used by dwarves as mount, because every other kind of mount seem huge to them and fall down of them.


Mechanic creatures brough to life by means of ancient knowledge, which was forgotten by the most of people.
Some people say, due to be created like that, golems have no soul, but there's others who say they have soul. They can't decide mostly because nobody explained what thing that so-called soul was.
Casseroles complained, since golems were in the bestiary and they wanted appear in it, too.
They were excluded for being such moaners.


Humans are like apes, but without all that much fur. Well, if they had fur, they would be furries instead of humans.
There are lot of kinds of them: male or female, young or old, black or white, fair-haired or dark-haired, endomorph or ectomorph, pirate or ninja, and bread baker.
Two very diferent races are known: normal humans and politicians.

Minotaur Caterpillar of the desert.

The male of this peculiar animal, in his oestrus cycle, uses a chant of horrible sound, something like "Burulu, burulu", to attract female and then begin his courtship ritual.
Well, it's not really a sound that horrible. It has even rhythm.

Phoenix Bird.

It can rebirth from its ashes in the form of a harmless plucked chick.

Pink Unicorn.

Docile kind of domestic unicorn which is usually used as a mount by princcesses and noble women, especially the posh and fussy ones.
Likes to lick.
Tastes like cotton candy.

Rhyming Stone.

Living stone that only can communicate in verse.
It knows how to make couplets, quintains and sonnets (even using iambic pentameter).
Despite they are as alone as Chatty Trees, they don't mind that and are not as annoying as them.


Wagicons use their spittle as a weapon: an oudorless liquid, it's not poisonous, disolves quickly in other fluids, but if it is exposed to air a couple seconds... Booom!
Sometimes, if a wagicon fails in its lingual attacking movements, a few spittle may be left in its tongue, having as a result its head blowing up in thousand pieces. Then, the other wagicons who have seen that, will laugh.
Lives habitually in swamps, stalls and gullies.

Würá Wüekiriwûrurú Wükurùrurön.

Strange herbivore with the magic ability of being impossible to rename it with an easy name.
If you adopt a Würá Wüekiriwûrurú Wükurùrurön, you can't name it something like Pepe or Conan, doesn't matter how hard you try, you only will able to use a long, strange and twisted name.
People affected by hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia have panic to Würá Wüekiriwûrurú Wükurùruröns.

Other criatures named. :P

Orc, grendel, goblin, leprechaun, gnoll, troll, scualing, zwandon, strapho, perrauk, basilisk, wendigo, ghost grass blade, salamander, banshee.

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