WARNING: If you didn't read until the last comic, this page contains SPOILERS.

CHARACTERS in appearance order.

Seldron Siral

Race: Elf ???
Age: 112.
Class: Messenger.
Skills: O__o
Weapon: o__O
Nonsense: He don't like people call elves "sissies".
Backstory: Son of the legendary heroes Halito Siral and Serena Wishes.

Boltrin Sigfron

Race: Dwarf.
Age: 187.
Class: Warrior / Hero.
Skills: Power of turning into giant.
Weapon: Bat's Axe.
Nonsense: He laughs all the time, saying "Ha, ha!".
Backstory: The Dragon Slayer, the Great Hero of nowadays.


Race: Dragon.
Age: Ancient as the world.
Class: Mount.
Skills: Flight, breath of fire, magic inmunity.
Weapon: None.
Nonsense: Eats people when hungry.
Backstory: ???

Angiarel Celesta

Race: Half-angel.
Age: 20
Class: ???
Skills: Flight.
Weapon: ???
Nonsense: ???
Backstory: ???

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